Blast from the Past- Vegas

Way back in March 2013 I first met my travel bug and felt my itchy feet, The chance arose to tick off for me a dream destination Las Vegas. I have always had an obsession with Vegas that I fully blame on my love of Elvis and Mafia films, Casino being a staple of adolescent my film collection…I was 18, navie, untravelled and about to take my first ever flight, the excitement and nerves is a feeling I’ll never forget and a feeling I’ve never fallen out of love with, the wonder and curiosity of what this new place will be like and how it will engulf all of my senses in a new way was soon to become an addiction a passion and one day in the not so distant future a way of life.

A little bit of  personal history -we never traveled far as children, born in Weymouth we had the perfect summer holiday destination on our doorstep and with family in Cornwall my childhood was consumed with English beaches and countryside, which to this I still love with great nostalgia, but I was so eager to see something else of the world I just knew there was something more out there for me than the same city’s I call home.

So my first adventure begins and the airport in its self is an experience, as most of us know well, the fear of not getting through security despite knowing there no reason you won’t, the continual checking for your passport and travel documents right before finally you are there just in the middle of this mass of noise, crowds rushing around, in that moment my eyes I remember couldn’t stay focused, so much was going on it was overwhelming and as strange as it may sound I still have the same childlike excitement everytime I go to the airport! Taking off however now that was a bloody sensation and a half, I’m pretty sure I spent almost the entire flight staring out of the window, everything captivated me in a way I’d never known.

But nothing prepared me for Vegas, the taxi ride from McCarran airport to the MGM Grand I was just in awe – looking out the window silenced by the sights- in hindsight I looked very much like that kid in the movies who is seeing the big city for the first time eyes wide and bright, mouth slightly open just frozen in a gaze. Arriving at the hotel didn’t disappoint, it was just stunning, the lobby was a huge American welcome, seamless check-in and into the biggest room id ever seen, Marble bath two huge beds and it was only one of the basic rooms I couldn’t believe my luck.  Ready to explore throwing down my bags and rushing to the leave the room.

Stepping on to the Strip and I was greeted by the NEW YORK NEW YORK Hotel and Casino – I could not believe there was a roller coaster on the roof – the theme park for adults is no lie when it comes to Vegas, walking down the strip at night was a circus of activity, men handing me flyer after flyer for call girls that can be hired to your room, Alcohol everywhere and even oxygen bars ready for when you’ve had too much, performers and music everywhere you turn Im spinning! Bars that literally blow your mind a real stand out being the Coyote ugly Bar stunning, empowered women dancing on the bar pouring drinks into peoples mouth from the bottles was a million miles away from the good old fashion British pubs I knew and I was hooked!

The hotels as mentioned are each there own unique resort, the Famous Bellagio fountain show really does live up the Oceans 11 expectations, Treasure Island’s pirate show is explosive. The cherry on top, however, is taking a Gondal ride through the Venetian and they really do sing!

I felt addicted to the bright light city and to quote Elvis it really did set my soul on fire, I needed to see more, Making my way through the bustling casino it was everything id dreamed and more, looking around the array of personalities and eccentric characters in the room I felt connected almost grounded in a way, I believe that feeling really is the sense of experiencing something for the first time a special moment for just yourself, when you see something in a way someone else may ever, a photograph taken in your mind that only you can relive-That right there is why we travel and seek out the adventure in life its about the sense of growth, the feeling of new and the getting to know you.

There is so much more  I could say about Vegas but for me its the place that made me feel something, its place that in time would set the foundation for my future it was and always will be my first spark.
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The Journey Begins

Wow, my first post and I honestly have no idea what to say, For me, this blog is just about sharing experiences and thoughts, I wanted somewhere to express my ramblings and rather than continuing to write on paper I thought it was time to join the world of blogging and who knows someone may find it all amusing or may relate, My 1st few posts will be about past experiences and trips as a chance for me to get into writing again and find my way around and the rest, well i guess we will see…